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Full Spectrum. Cured Liquid.






Got a few of these carts during Dabathon Cup and I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE. Friendly Farms Carts are the best cartridges out in the shops today. The taste is amazing with no irritation to the throat like most carts. Not over powered with fruity flavors. Perfectly subtle. These carts ACTUALLY get you high. Perfect for meditating on the go. Can't wait to get some more. Highly recommend you try one.
First time trying a Friendly Farms cartridge(Sunset Sherbet) and it was amazing! There is a huge difference in taste between this and the other cartridges on the market. You can actually taste true notes of cannabis in these cartridges which is amazing. Keep up the good work you guys!​
After the first time trying friendly. farms Live Resin carts I was hooked. Best tasting carts I've ever tried. Great company leading the industry!! A MUST BUY​
All in all, Friendly farms provided a great experience that was full of flavor and enjoyable effects. If you haven't tried friendly farms yet, I definitely recommend trying their line of FULL SPECTRUM LIVE RESIN PRODUCTS! ITS FIRE I love all their products

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